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Gracepoint Publishing wants to support you in getting your deep work and message out into the world. We listen hard, take your voice seriously and hold your heart dear. We have a rock star team to help you write, publish, and promote your message.


Bringing readers and authors together

Are you a reader looking to discover new books?

An author searching for new fans?

At CraveBooks, we strive to bring the two together, offering handpicked recommendations and unbeatable deals daily. It’s our mission to introduce readers to the books and authors they’ll love.

The Quitcast for writers (better-faster academy) is a weekly YouTube channel and podcast created around the content of Becca Syme’s “what to quit, what to keep, and what to question” model of coaching writers.



Draft2Digital is self-publishing with support. Your book is your priority. Our priority is you. We build tools and services that let you focus on writing while we take care of layout, publishing, distribution, print-on-demand, paperbacks, and more. Keep writing. We're here for the rest. 


You’re an author building your career. You need a website. And a mailing list. And social media.

But you’re confused by technical details – you’re a writer, not an engineer.

So your website sits there, broken. Your forms aren’t adding new addresses to your mailing list. Potential fans are wandering away unimpressed, never to return.

Nate Hoffelder can fix it!

Let him take care of your technology needs! From websites to newsletters and all things techy in between- Nate is your go-to guy!


Print may still be black and white, but the world of publishing is every color of the rainbow.

Publishing is a kaleidoscope of options that’s constantly evolving.

But one thing hasn’t changed: no matter how authors choose to publish, they still need the credibility that comes with a professional, unbiased book review.

Unfortunately, with mainstream media outlets shrinking all the time, it can be nearly impossible to obtain these reviews.

That’s where BlueInk Review comes in.

BlueInk reviews are honest appraisals, written by professionals drawn largely from mainstream media outlets or editors who have worked at well-respected publishing houses.

Jenny Kate at Writer Nation teaches writers how to build a solid author brand & implement a savvy marketing strategy that helps them find readers and save time