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Ready for PPWC 2024?! 

Are you ready for PPWC 2024?!

We sure are!

Four tracks on our Thursday one-day conference includes beginner, indie, traditional and master tracks.

Regular conference starts Friday, 26 April and runs for 2.5 days – full of great workshops for all writing levels and all career paths.

Are we going to offer Write Drunk, Edit Sober?

Of course we are.

What about headshots?

Sure thing.

How about time with our keynotes?

Why yes, yes you can meet our keynotes in small group discussions in Zeb's Lounge.

Register now or gift a registration for the best Early Bird price. Need a payment plan? We've got you all set.

Register Now!

If you would like to volunteer for a leadership position for next year's conference, please contact Jenny Kate.